Avaya Octel  50

Stability, Power, and Flexibility in a truly Scalable Package

Avaya Octel 50 Your decision to implement a voice information management system is a wise one. No single product or combination of products can better improve your ability to receive, digest and disseminate information. But before you buy, it makes sense to research the market carefully, as there are vast differences between systems.

Avaya Octel 50 is a product of Lucent Technologies, Octel Messaging Division (OMD), the world-wide leader in information management systems and services. No one can match Octel's experience and expertise. Octel doesn't sell "voice mail" as an add on when you buy a phone system. We are an exclusive provider of expertly engineered information management solutions. If you're serious about putting information to work for your organization, nothing less will do.

At Lucent Technologies, Octel Messaging Division, stability is the product of an excellent original design, enlightened programming, and the industry's most thorough quality assurance process. Avaya Octel 50's installed base-thousands of systems with an accumulated total of millions of hours in use-bears witness to the system's renowned stability

When a product is truly sophisticated, its users don't have to be. Avaya Octel 50 boasts an architecture that makes even its most powerful features surprisingly easy to use. And while our lists of Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Audiotext, and Fax Processing features are the industry's most comprehensive, each was designed to deliver a clearly-defined benefit.

With Avaya Octel 50, your callers are never stranded. Clear, friendly prompts present options and instructions from each level within the system. Menus are short and direct, making it easy for callers to route themselves to the departments or subscribers they desire. A live operator is always just a "0" away.

On their first login, new subscribers are greeted by CoEducator™, a voice tutor that guides them through the process of selecting passwords and recording basic prompts. No time or money is wasted on outside intervention.

Avaya Octel 50's menu-driven supervisor's interface eliminates the need for an administrator with extensive technical training. Custom audiotext, call routing, interview menu, and other routines can be created and modified easily using Visual V-Trees, Octel's remarkable application generator. Prompts to accompany these applications can be recorded, reviewed, and placed in one simple step using the Supervisor's On-Line Voice Editor (SOLVE).

By optimizing your internal and external telecommunications capabilities, Avaya Octel 50 reduces communication costs, improves customer service and increases productivity.

A product is flexible when it can be programmed to work the way you do. Not when it forces you to work the way it does. Virtually every aspect of your Avaya Octel 50 voice and fax information processing system can be adapted to your organization's-and your callers'-needs and preferences.

You decide how and when the automated attendant answers your phones. Subscribers may change their prompts as often as they like, modifying their call and message management features at will. And your system supervisor can create custom applications that make Avaya Octel 50's voice and fax processing capabilities precisely what your organization needs them to be.

True flexibility is more than just the way a product and its users relate to each other. Flexibility also entails an awareness of-and a preparation for-your company's growth. Unlike other "affordable" products, Avaya Octel 50 is your company's springboard to a future full of information management possibilities. With Avaya Octel 50, you make no entry level performance compromises And you encounter no expensive dead ends.

Since Avaya Octel 50 runs on standard, open-architecture PC hardware, it can be easily expanded and upgraded as your needs evolve. Clearly defined version-to-version and product-to-product upgrades protect your original investment and prevent technological obsolescence. All models (from 2 to 32 ports) provide Avaya Octel 50's full complement of standard functionality.

Moreover, as your firm grows and you upgrade your system, you'll have the ability to add powerful optional modules, including Fax Retrieval and Fax Mail (which give you the same control over faxed information that voice mail gives you over your phone messages) and the AMIS Interface Module, which facilitates message exchange between Avaya Octel 50 (or your Avaya Octel 50 and any AMIS compliant system) in remote sites.

Avaya Octel 50: the communications solution that puts information to work for you

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